Push-Pull Muscle Strength Dynamometer 50 Lb. Capacity

Push-Pull Muscle Strength Dynamometer 50 Lb. Capacity

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ANALOG (DIAL) READOUT * 50 lb * The heavy-duty dynamometer features the hydraulic system that is used in the industry accepted Baseline© and Jamar© hand dynamometers and pinch gauges * Hydraulic system ensures accurate readings * The dynamometer is much lighter (1.5 lb. vs. 6 lb.) and easier to use than spring push-pull dynamometers that are in common use today * Dial continuously shows instantaneous force and holds the maximum force reading * This maximum reading should be manually recorded prior to resetting for the next test * Available with either an analog (dial) readout or a digital (LCD) readout * Choose either 50 lb. 100 lb. 250 lb. or 500 lb. force capacity unit * Comes with 3 push pads (padded curved padded straight and 1cm2 circular) 1 pull hook and 1 snap-lock hook * Comes in cushioned carrying case with muscle heat test manual * 1 Year Warranty * CE certified *

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