Jobst Ulcercare Medium Right w/2 Liners

Jobst Ulcercare Medium Right w/2 Liners

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* Provides superior clinical effectiveness in the management of venous leg ulcers with a simple 2 part system * The gradient compression is provided by the combination of the compression liner and therapeutic stocking increasing venous return and helping to manage edema * Continued use provides clinically recommended level of compression 40 mmHg to help prevent recurrence * Zipper and pull in stocking assists in donning * Provides nominal compression of 40 mmHg when the medical stocking with the zipper is worn over the compression liner * Promotes normal lifestyle – regular clothing bathing and footwear * A cost-effective choice Jobst UlcerCare stockings can minimize the nursing care time per patient per visit * Easy convenient-to-use these stockings are designed for maximum patient compliance * Ready-to-wear therapeutic gradient compression system * Latex free * Ankle circumference: 8¬ – 9« * Calf circumference: 13¬ – 16 *

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