Adjustable Elbow/Knee Splint Extra Small

Adjustable Elbow/Knee Splint Extra Small

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Size Extra Small. * Freedom Adjustable Elbow/Knee Splints. * Freedom Adjustable Elbow/Knee Splints are multipurpose soft splints that help restrict elbow and knee movement or can be used to help prevent joint contractures. * The splints are filled with polyester beads for a soft way to position a limb. * The A812 series features a zipper opening to allow you to adjust the amount of beads in the splint and is grayish in color. * The 550054 series features a nylon loop at the end of the splint that may be pinned or clipped to the patients sleeve to prevent the splint from migrating. * This features a cartoon character print which may be more suited for the pediatric population.

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